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The J Factor is returning!

Yes!  The excitement is starting to mount as we prepare for the return of the  J Factor - our KS2 talent show!

This competition is all about encouraging our children to show us their secret talents.  Over the years we've had singers, dancers, 'ice' skating... and even a chicken riding a scooter!

The competition is open to all of KS2 and isn't organised in Houses, so any children of any Houses or classes can team up if they desire. 

We will select between 8 and 12 acts to head to the Grand Final, usually based on the best show we can pull together.  This means we're looking for lots of different skills rather than lots of the same.  So show us what you've got St James and bring out the best!

Auditions take place on Monday 24th April with the Grand Final on the afternoon of Thursday 18th May for successful applicants.