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St James Primary School

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St James Bake Off - the FINAL!

Last week our 2024 Bake Off Finalists came to school for the grand final in the Childrens' Kitchen. 

Mrs Pickering and Mrs Coombes supervised whilst our young bakers measured, stirred, weighed, mixed, folded, proved and... well, baked!

Once again, it was a high standard, which led to a lot of heated discussion in the staffroom. Would it be the lemon koala cake that took the crown? Or perhaps the tiger-coloured cinnamon knots? Maybe the marshmallow encrusted sheep, or the panda cheesecake? Or what about the tapir-crowned chocolate cake or the mummy and baby hedgehog? 

Eventually a decision was made. Our winners for 2024 are...

Olivia in the Years 2, 3 & 4 category and Anna in the Years 5 & 6 category!

Many thanks to all the adults that supported the young bakers this year, both at home and in school. We'd also like to thank Jacob, our Competition Leader who ably assisted all the participants on both days.

Check out some of the bakes below.