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St James Primary School

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School Council Minutes - July 2023


Tuesday 4th July 2023


Mr Gardner 

Mrs Jenkinson

Peter Luard (Governor)

Effie & George P - Y4

Erin - Y3

Jacob - Y2

Alex & Theo - Yr 5

Nyah & Bella - Yr 6

Maggie & Reuben - Y1

Elodie & Zachary -  Yr N

Freddy & Rosie (Incumbent Head Pupils)

Apologies / absent

Corey - Y3, Delilah - Yr 2, Maia & Abel Yr R, Matilda Yr N





Our last meeting of the year - how should we elect our new councillors?

We're not sure if we want the students in each class to vote because of making it a popularity contest. We are discussing that the same school counsellor will not be in the school council 3 years in a row but could be re-elected in other years, although, the exception to this would be to no one else wanting to be in the school council.

We have decided that we are going to do an election for each year as we’d like to have a democratic system in place, representing our British Value of democracy.

We agreed that there will be a 3 year gap between being a school counsellor again which would give, for example, a year 1 the chance to be a councillor again in year 5 or 6.

Majority vote - passed.

Points from the last surgery

Football and swimming  tournaments. 

Already happening

KS2 girls would like a door between the KS1 cloakroom and the toilets so if children need to get changed they have some privacy. 

We are thinking of getting a sliding door in case it doesn't fit (or using the hub / accessible toilets). 


A second basketball hoop for Key stage 1 and make the climbing wall bigger. 

If it is looked after we will purchase a second. The climbing wall could be moved and widened but it would need money.

Break the rules day!!! 

No, as we feel our school rules should be respected.

Grow more vegetables for school dinners. 

Mrs Chambers and Mrs P to be informed.

More fundraisers!? 

We’re aware that some families are finding money hard to donate at the moment.

Live music played by pupils return to assembly. 

Also more drama and a music room.

Mrs Fincken to be informed.

Goodbye to Nyah and Bella

Our Head Pupils will be leaving us in two weeks. 

We thanked them for their time on the Council. They have been exemplary members and have big boots to fill.



Date of next meeting 

Next year! Potentially Tuesday 3rd October

Good luck for the next school counsellors!!! We’re saying goodbye to the school council 2023! - Bella & Nyah