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St James Primary School

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School Council - February 2024

This month our main task was deciding a theme for the upcoming St James Bake Off Competition...


Tuesday 6th February 2024


Mr Gardner 

Mrs Jenkinson

Peter Luard (Governor)

Anna [Deputy] & Rosie - Head Pupils

Emelia - Yr 5

Nico & Arran - Yr 4

Tabitha & Seb - Yr 3

Jake & Ruby - Yr 2

JJ - Yr 1

Sam & Octavia - Yr R

Sam & Anaia - Yr N

Apologies / absent

Livvy - Yr 1

Freddy Yr 6

Flynn Yr 5





Upcoming Assembly

Mrs Elliott and Mr Gardner have both been off work but this will happen soon. The paperwork is made ready.

Word actors - Jake, Ruby, Seb, Freddy, Rosie, Octavia, Arran, JJ

Speaking - Emelia, Nico

Reacting - Flynn

Trick Box Trick Book and Trick Box Team

A new book has been written (made by Mr G) has with all the Tricks in. What do people think? - Year 6 think it’s good and Year 4 are keen to trial it too.

We need a Trick Box Team!

Nico - should we have one leader in each class?

Year 5 and 6 lead but call on the class leader to talk about the Trick.

Agreed - Mr Gardner to decide on how to elect or appoint Trick Box class leaders and the team itself.

Bake Off Theme - A theme is needed for this year’s Bake Off

Space - Mrs Lemon - Tabitha hates space - Time and Space instead? 

Other ideas:

Spring Holiday - Emelia

Film & TV - Nico

Rustic - Rosie

Trick Box - Seb

Elstead - Peter Luard

JJ and Jake request no chocolate cake

Animal Crazy- Emelia

Weather - Tabitha

Art & Artists - Anna

The Council voted on the top four most popular ideas:

Flim & TV - 2

Elstead - 0

‘Animal Crazy’ - 5

Art & Artists - 4

Peter Luard will help[ judge if he’s available. 

The Council are keen to once again judge the Staff Bake Off.

Action Forms

Year 6 Camp 

Javelin Club - some boys in year 4

  • Approved as a one off - to go to Mrs Elliott for final approval
  • Approved - Mr Gardner will help organise it



Date of next meeting 

Tuesday 5th March 2024