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St James Primary School

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Puffins first Forest School

This week Puffins enjoyed their first Forest School session at St James Primary.

On our way to Forest School, we played 'Puffin Says' which was a bit like 'Simon Says', except the actions related to British wildlife. For example, Puffin Says  'scamper like a cheeky squirrel', 'buzz like a busy bee', 'gallop like an elegant deer'. The game also made sure we were lovely and warm!

After a tour around the Forest School area, we talked about how to keep ourselves safe and then had lots of fun exploring and investigating the site. There were bugs to find, mud pies to create, bridges to balance across and secret pathways to follow. 

Our task this week from Mrs Greggs was to collect six different natural objects with a friend or on our own. This involved observation, counting and working out how many more items we needed to collect or if we had too many!

It was a great start to our time at Forest School !