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St James Primary School

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Learning About Spring at Forest School

Continuing with the focus on signs of spring, Puffins have been learning more about British birds. We have learnt the names of some birds: robin (which we see every week in the Forest School site), crow (which we hear every week at Forest School) and tawny owl (that we haven't seen or heard but know they visit the site at dusk and night time). 

We have also discovered the amazing fact that each type of bird has a different song; to attract a partner for nest building.

We even found out that each type of bird builds a specific type of nest.  Mrs Greggs showed us some nests that she had collected (in Winter time when she knew they had been abandoned and were no longer being used). They were all made by different birds - blackbird, wren, blue tit and long-tailed tit - and each nest looked different in size and the way it had been built.


Thinking about what birds use to make their nests, we were challenged to work as a team to build our own giant nest. We used twigs, grass and mud as well as soft leaves to line the nest to keep the eggs and then chicks safe and warm.