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St James Primary School

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Kingfishers Go Stone Age

During their first two Forest School sessions, Kingfishers have been bringing their classroom topic of the Stone Age outside.

Session One began with a game of 'Stone Age Family'!  Mrs Greggs was chief of Clan Kingfisher and had lots of tasks for us to mime from foraging and making a spear, going on a hunt and lighting a fire. The clan even had to run away from a charging woolly mammoth; This inspired lots of activities that the clan continued during the rest of the session - from foraging real blackberries to den-building, hunting, and blackberry painting.

Kingfishers also had the chance to use the new chutes which the PTA funded for Forest School.  They provided Fantastic fun with water as well as rolling pine cones and even acorns.

In Week Two Kingfishers learnt how to whittle and used this skill for a design project - to make a spear.

Everyone thought about;

-How to make the spear as streamlined as possible?

-How sharp should the end be?

-Would a section to hold the spear be useful?

- The tools needed, safety equipment requirements and tool technique.

After that it was up to everyone to develop their inpidual design concept and whittle a twig into a spear!