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St James Primary School

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Creation Day!

The first Thursday back saw the whole school take part in lots of engaging and fun activities all to do with Creation.

In Owls, we started the day by going on a nature walk around the school grounds. We used our senses to explore and acknowledge all of God's wonderful creations; from listening to the birds chirping, to watching the white fluffy clouds moving slowly in the blue sky. 

Through various activities throughout the day, the children learnt about the six days (plus a day of rest) that some Christians believe God took to create the world. They made Creation spinning wheels and recreated one of the days using items from around the classroom. There were so many imaginative outcomes, we were very impressed!

Special thanks to Rev Hannah who spent the afternoon in all of the classes talking to the children about their learning. 

On the fourth day God created the Sun, the Moon and the stars, to separate the light from the darkness. 

On the fifth day, God created living creatures for the sky and sea. 

On the sixth day, God created the land animals and humans.