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St James Primary School

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School Council Minutes - June


Tuesday 20th June 2023


Mr Gardner 

Mrs Jenkinson

Peter Luard (Governor)

Effie & George P - Y4

Erin - Y3

Jacob - Y2

Alex & Theo - Yr 5

Abel - Yr R

Nyah & Bella - Yr 6

Maggie & Reuben - Y1

Matilda & Zachary -  Yr N

Freddy & Rosie (Incumbent Head Pupils)

Apologies / absent

Corey - Y3, Delilah - Yr 2





Welcome to Peter, Freddy and Rosie

We welcomed Peter Luard, our Governor School Council member and also Freddy and Rosie who are incumbent Head Pupils


Surgery - Tuesday 27th June

The last surgery didn't happen as it was a busy day. Running the surgery will be Rosie, Freddie, Effie, Jacob, Abel

Mr Gardner will get the table ready. The year sixes won’t be here on the 27th of June so Freddy and Rosie are going to join the surgery next Tuesday.

Points brought up at the last meeting

Replacement basketball nets as the others have rotted away. The council approved this motion.

New net has arrived. Mr Gardner has installed it. 

New School Council elections 

We have one more meeting this year. How should we appoint new councillors in the most simple way that doesn’t disrupt the council meetings?

We are all upset that we only have one more school council meeting left! We have decided that we are going to choose new school councillors and the people in the school council at the moment will show them all about what to do. 

Reading Shed update

Shed is on it’s way! Mrs Jenkinson has a quote for the fencing and shed.

We need to find a way to keep the books from getting wet.


Basketball nets for the key stage 1 playground. 

We have two options.

The Art Leaders want to run a bookmark competition with a budget of £5 required to buy a prize.

The First one is the better option and approved by the council - purchased.


Date of next meeting 

Tuesday 4th July