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St James Primary School

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Inter-House Competitions 2023 - 2024

Here are the competitions for the coming year. Check back for updates to the date they'll be running.


2022 - 2024 competitions:

We have five Inter-House Competitions every year:

Hidden Elstead Competition
      Launch Thursday 22nd September
      Deadline Friday 13th October
      Results Thursday 19th October House T-shirts required
Big St James Quiz 2023 
      Friday 15th December House T-shirts required
Eco Competition(TBC)
      Launch Thursday 11th January
      Deadline Friday 2nd February
      Results Thursday 8th February House T-shirts required
Bake Off 2024
      Launch Thursday 22nd February
      Round 1 Monday 4th March
      Final w/c 18th March (need to see which staff are available to run it)
      Staff Bake Off Thursday 28th March
      Results Thursday 28th March House T-shirts required
Sports Day 2024
      TBC House T-shirts required

2023 - 2024 House Lunches

    • 1/3 - Friday 3rd November - House T-shirts required
    • 2/3 - Friday 22nd March - Easter Theme - House T-shirts required
    • 3/3 - Friday 28th June - Theme TBC - House T-shirts required