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St James Primary School

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Special Educational Needs and Disability - SEND

At St James Primary we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and have a wide experience of working with children with a range of special needs. We believe that all children should have access to a broad and balanced education which gives them the opportunity to realise their full potential and achieve success. For some children, this may mean the school will make additional provision within the curriculum to meet individual needs. For other children, it may involve access to targeted interventions delivered by trained teaching assistants.

For further information on how we support children with Special Educational Needs at St James Primary, please see the Information Report.

Our SENCo is Mrs Liz Chambers and she can be contacted via the school office on 01252 703248 or via email

Surrey's Local Offer provides a single point of access to clear and comprehensive information about services and provision that is available for children and young people from birth to 25 years of age who have a special educational need and/or disability (SEND). Details can be found on the Surrey local offer website

Additional support for parents can also be found at 

Our Provision Map shows the provision available in the four main areas of development;

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Emotional, Mental and Social Health
  • Physical and Sensory

Some children have long term needs and will be supported by an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is Liz Chambers. She can be contacted via the school office on 01252 703248 or via email

If you would like to know more about the education, health and social care services and provision available to children with SEND in Surrey, please see Surrey's

Provision Map

Wave 1

Teaching is planned at an appropriate level so that all children can make progress from their starting points and achieve success. Whole class work will be differentiated to meet the needs of all learners.

Wave 2

If a child is not making progress in line with their peers, additional support or intervention may be needed.

Wave 3

If additional support has not accelerated learning, then a more personalised approach is taken.

Core Provision

Wave 1

Core Provision Wave 1

Cognition and Learning

“Quality first teaching”

Broad curriculum

Well differentiated learning activities

Clear learning objectives shared with children

Clear success criteria

Skillful questioning

Developmental marking

Regular assessment and tracking of pupil progress

ELLI learning powers

Working walls

Effective use of modelling and visual supports

Access to reading corners and library.

Various trips to support children’s learning

Outside learning

Practical resources to aid learning eg Numicon

Smartboards and visualisers in every class


Polytunnel and large garden area

Children’s cookery room

Communication and Interaction

Vocabulary to support learning

Visual timetables

Language rich environment

Word banks

Increased time allowed

Independent task boards

Mind mapping of new concepts

Visual aids

Opportunities for verbal rehearsal before writing

Flexible seating arrangements

Support with understanding



Social, Emotional and Mental Health Behaviour policy embedded

Clear school routines

Emotional Literacy Support

PHSE curriculum

Circles of friends

Buddy system between Year 6 and reception pupils

House system and house points

Safe , friendly environment

Worry box in the library

Interactive displays regarding social emotional and mental health

School dog

Nurture room available at lunch times

Daily assemblies

Home School Link worker

School monitoring of attendance

Physical and Sensory

Swimming pool

Large field and separate KS1/KS2 play grounds

Running track

Trim trail

Climbing wall

Play leaders

Hot lunches cooked on site

Flexible arrangements in class eg pencil grips, sloping writing boards

Resources for concentration

Movement breaks

Access for wheelchairs

Varied extra-curricular activites including sport, music and drama

Sports teams


Wave 2

Wave 2 - for children who require additional, targeted support in order to work towards or achieve end of year expectations.   (To include Wave1)

Cognition and Learning



Alpha to Omega                             

Phonological Awareness                   

Phonics Support

5 Minute Box

Precision Teaching


Launch into Reading

Toe by Toe                                       

5 Minute Box                                       

Reading for Meaning

Reading for Inference





Success at Arithmetic   

Maths Support

Rapid Maths                                    

Memory skills

Individual Work Stations

Communication and Interaction

Speak clearly

Time to Talk

Social skills groups

Pre-teaching of key vocabulary

Receptive Language Support

Expressive language Support

Word finding

Verbal reasoning

Listening Skills




Social , Emotional and Mental Health

Emotional Literacy Support

Anger Management

Anxiety Management

Social Skills

Therapeutic Story Writing

Nurture Groups

Drawing for Talking

Good to be Me

Transition Support

Structured Play Times

Social Stories/Comic Strip Conversations

Trick Box

Physical and Sensory

Write from the Start

Speed Up (Handwriting)

Smart Moves

Type to Learn

Fine Motor Skills Programme


Wave 3

Wave 3 - for children who require additional specialised and personalised support. (To include Wave 1 and Wave 2)

Cognition and Learning

In School

Individual support as appropriate

Individual Literacy and Numeracy Programmes

Outside Agencies

Language and Learning Support

Educational Psychologist

Stepping Stones

Freemantles Outreach

Communication and Interaction

In School

Individual support to implement Speech and Language Therapy programme

One to One Support as appropriate

Outside Agencies

Speech and Language Therapy

Social , Emotional and Mental Health

In School

Individual support as appropriate

Teacch Programme

Outside Agencies

Behaviour Support

Freemantles Outreach


Educational Psychologist

Physical and Sensory

In School

Individual support to follow Occupational Therapy programme

Individual Support to follow Physiotherapy programme

Adapted PE lessons

Outside Agencies

Occupational Therapy

Physical and Sensory Support