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St James Primary School

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Godalming Learning Partnership

St.James School is a member of the Godalming Learning Partnership (GLP) which works together to ensure that all children in our area receive the highest quality education, whilst valuing each school’s autonomy and uniqueness.

.For many years, schools in the Godalming area have enjoyed increasingly positive and fruitful working relationships. We have shared expertise, training opportunities, events for children and many other opportunities to support learning in our community. We want this to continue in the face of many changes in education. For this reason, we have been looking at formalising a new way of working to become the GLP. This will not change the individual nature of each school or its ethos but it will bind us together more closely to help us to continue to support one another and further develop learning and education for our communities.


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The schools in our partnership are:

  • St James Primary School, Elstead
  • St Mary’s Infant School, Shackleford
  • Farncombe Infant School
  • Witley Infant School
  • Moss Lane Infant School
  • Busbridge Junior School
  • Milford Infant School
  • The Chandler Junior School
  • Godalming Junior School
  • Busbridge Junior School
  • Green Oak Primary School
  • St Edmund’s Primary School
  • Rodborough Academy
  • Broadwater Secondary School