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St James Primary School

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Proud to be Eagles

With Pride in Surrey coming to Godalming this weekend, Eagles looked at the history of Pride and what it means today. 

We looked at important words such as 'gender' and 'identity', and discussed words we'd heard in the media. 

To finish, we looked at the variety of pride flags and what each means; how different members of the LGBT+ community identify with different groups. 

At the pride event in Godalming, our flags will be on display on the community stage. Pride in Surrey organisers have offered to judge our flags and choose their favourite. There's even a prize at stake!

Eagles, as always, had lots of questions which they asked respectfully, demonstrating how we as a school embrace and respect the diversity of everyone living alongside us. 

If you'd like to see our flags on stage, check out Pride in Surrey's website for details on getting a pass to Saturday's event.