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Weekly Menus


The menu for the Thursday of the week commencing 20th January has changed slightly.  The main and vegetarian options have swapped around.  Please see the detail below.  


Please see the 3-weekly rolling menus below.  

Please take time to look through the menu and discuss this with your child.  You are able to change your lunch choices up to midnight the day before a meal is taken.  Please be aware that if you wish to cancel a meal, you are unable to do this successfully through Scopay.  In this instance, please contact  

M = main, V = vegetable, O = other    All meals are served with seasonal vegetables and/or salad.

MENU - Week starting 4th Nov / 25th Nov / 16th Dec / 20th Jan / 10th Feb / 9th Mar / 30th Mar


M BBQ chicken with rice

V Pesto pasta

O Tomato soup



Tuesday (Except Tuesday 17th December - see Christmas meal above for options)

M Beef enchilada with garlic bread

V Red dragon pie (vegetables in stock with mash)

O  French bread margherita pizza




M Roast pork with apple sauce, stuffing, roast potatoes & gravy

V Squash-age roll with roast potatoes & gravy

O Pork in a roll with apple sauce & stuffing

Oaty orange finger



M Cheesy pasta

V Veggie burger with country style potatoes

O Southern style quorn wrap with lettuce & mayo

Fresh fruit salad



M Breaded fish fillet with chips

V Veggie hotdog with chips

O Pepperoni & tomato pasta

Chocolate & beetroot muffin with optional creme fraiche



MENU - Week starting 11th Nov / 2nd Dec / 6th Jan / 27th Jan / 24th Feb / 16th Mar


Spaghetti with beef meatballs

V Veggie bean taco with rice

O BBQ chicken bao bun with noodle salad

Cheese and crackers with apple slices 



M Vegetable pizza 

V Lentil pasta bolognese

O Cowboy hot pot (quorn sausage, baked beans & mash)

Banana loaf with custard



M Yorkshire pudding with beef, roast potatoes & gravy

V Yorkshire pudding with roasted vegetables, roast potatoes & gravy

O Roast beef in a bun

Fruit yoghurt



M Fish fingers and chips

V Quorn & pesto pasta

O Potato boats with cheese and ham

Fresh fruit



M Pork sausages with mash & gravy

V Veggie sausage roll with mash & gravy

O Cheese & red pepper panini

Chocolate & orange biscuit with a glass of milk


MENU - Week starting 18th Nov / 9th Dec / 13th Jan / 3rd Feb / 2nd Mar / 23rd Mar


M Cheese & tomato pizza with diced potatoes

V Sausage with diced potatoes

O Carrot soup 




M Pollock in a soft roll with potato wedges

V Vegetable fingers with potato wedges

O Tuna pasta bake

Fruit yoghurt



M Roast chicken with stuffing, roast potatoes & gravy

V Quorn fillet with stuffing, roast potatoes & gravy

O Chicken bap with stuffing

Cheese and crackers



M Burger in a bun with a choice of toppings & tortilla chips

V Margherita pizza with garlic dough balls

O Meatball sub with choice of tomato sauce

Fresh fruit with optional creme fraiche 



M Roast gammon with chips

V Vegan quorn nuggets with chips

O Fish finger wrap

Rainbow sponge with custard