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St James Primary School

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Weekly Menus

We have a new menu launching after Easter.  Please see the new 3-weekly rolling menus below.  We now have a third choice on a Wednesday.

Please take time to look through the menu and discuss this with your child.  You are now able to change your lunch choices up to midnight the day before a meal is taken.  Please be aware that if you wish to cancel a meal, you are unable to do this successfully through Scopay.  In this instance, please contact  

M = main, V = vegetable, O = other    All meals are served with seasonal vegetables and/or salad.

MENU - Week starting 22nd Apr  /  13th May  /  10th Jun  /  1st Jul  /  22nd Jul  /  16th Sep  /  7th Oct


M Mild chicken curry with rice

V Veggie bean taco with vegetable couscous

O Pizza baguette

Served with seasonal vegetables

Carrot cake



M Ham & cheese pizza

V Sweet potato dahl with rice

O Chicken pesto pasta

Fruit yoghurt



M Roast chicken with stuffing, roast potatoes & gravy

V Quorn fillet with stuffing, roast potatoes & gravy

O Roast chicken, lettuce & mayonnaise bap

Fresh fruit & optional creme fraiche



M Beef meatballs, bbq sauce with rice

V Ricotta & spinach cannelloni in tomato sauce

O Jacket potato with tuna & cucumber

Banana muffin



M Breaded pollock with potato wedges

V Sweet potato whirl with potato wedges

O Ham & cheese panini

Fruity flapjack with a glass of milk


MENU - Week starting 29th Apr / 20th May  /  17th Jun  /  8th Jul  /  2nd Sep  /  23rd Sep  /  14th Oct


Pasta in tomato sauce

V Quorn lattice slice with potatoes

O Tuna & mayonnaise wrap

Ginger cookie with glass of milk



M Pork sausages, mashed potato & gravy

V Vegetable biryani

O Cheesy pasta

Cheese & biscuits with fresh fruit



M Roast pork with apple sauce, roast potatoes & gravy

V Roasted vegetable quiche with roast potatoes

O Roast pork & apple sauce bap

Fresh fruit with optional creme fraiche



Beef & pasta bolognese

V Pesto pasta

O Jacket potato with sausage & baked beans

Ice cream roll



M Crumbed salmon fillet with chips

V Quorn nuggets with chips 

O Fish finger baguette

Chocolate & beetroot brownie with a glass of milk


MENU - Week starting 6th May / 3rd June / 24th Jun / 15th Jul / 9th Sep / 30th Sep / 21st Oct


Cheese & tomato pizza

V Jacket potato with boston beans

O Bean burrito

Iced sponge



Minced beef pie with puff pastry, mashed potato & gravy

V Vegetable curry with rice

O Tomato & basil pasta

Fruit yoghurt



Roast gammon with pineapple, roast potatoes & gravy

V Cauliflower cheese with roast potatoes

O Gammon, lettuce & tomato bap

Jelly with fresh fruit & optional creme fraiche



Beef burger in a bun with optional tomato sauce

V Veggie burger in a bun with optional tomato sauce

O Jacket potato with cheese & coleslaw

Fruit smoothie



Pollock fish fingers with country style potatoes

V Quorn sausage roll with country style potatoes

O Tuna and cheese melt panini

Chocolate cookie with a glass of milk