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Dear Parents and Carers of St James Primary

Please see the information below about upcoming events during the spring term:  

Bag2school Collection 20th - 23rd February - Bag2School is the UK's leading textile recycler and fundraiser working with schools.  Please see the  PTA Handbook for details of what can be donated.

 PTA Handbook

Children's Disco - 22nd February PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE - The date of the disco has had to be changed to 22nd February due to possible strike action. If you have completed the Google form already but need to change any details submitted, please get in touch and I will update it for you.

The disco is kindly hosted by parent and part-time professional DJ, Tristan Cleaver.  An opportunity for the children to have a bit of fun during what can be quite a miserable month.  YR to Y2 straight after school, followed later by Y3 to Y6.  the children will be provided with a drink.  Please see the letter to parents on the Parent Portal for more information.  If you would like your child to attend this popular event please complete the online form this week, by Friday 3rd February.

Help Needed - the PTA would be very grateful to hear from a parent willing to help at the KS2 disco.

Stars in their Eyes Saturday 4th February POSTPONED - unfortunately we have had to postpone this event due to unforeseen circumstances.  Ticket holders and parents have been notified by email.  A new date will be arranged as soon as possible and tickets for the weekend's event will be valid for the new date.

Village Pancake Race - After some digging around for information on how this event has been run in the past, we have found that a lot of planning/preparation is needed to run it effectively.  With the limited number of people who volunteered to help, we simply were not going to get everything done in time.  So, regrettably, it won't go ahead this year.  

We'd like to run it next year, but we'll need support to do so. Please speak to us over the coming months if you think you could be part of the committee for a race next year. If you are part of a local club/group who would be interested in jointly running the event, we could share any funds raised if we joined forces. 

Helping the PTA - We need volunteers to help out at the various PTA events that we have planned for the remainder of the school year.  If you are able to help out at anything, even if it's just for 10 minutes, please sign up via this form here.

Clare Slightam,

PTA Secretary  

Please join the PTA at St James Facebook page which can be found by searching for 'PTA at St James'

A reminder of future PTA events:  

Children's Disco - 22nd February Please note date change.

Stars in Their Eyes 4th February 

Bags2School Collection 20th to 23rd February

Watch this space for details of further events planned for the coming year