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St James Primary School

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Owls launched their new topic 'Zoom to the Moon' with a space-themed day last week.  The children looked absolutely amazing in all their spacey costumes.  We had all sorts, from planets, to aliens and astronauts - it was a fantastic effort from everyone! 

The children enjoyed being in character for the day as well as taking part in lots of space activities.  They made paper plate planets and rockets in the workshop area, drew rockets and space suits around photos of their faces to make it look like they were flying through space, learnt how the Earth orbits the sun and learnt how moon craters are made and why our planet is protected (unlike the moon). Finally, the children were introduced to our new English text - Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob).  They started the imitation phase of our Talk for Writing unit by sequencing and acting out key parts of the story - lots of fun, even more so because they were in costume!

I think we were all quite tired by the end of the day, but what a fantastic way to launch our new topic! The children are looking forward to learning all about Space, the Solar System and a very significant explorer who made history in Space, Neil Armstrong. 

Extra special thanks to the parents for all their efforts with the costumes. They all looked super!