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St James Primary School

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At St James Primary we have four houses and the children are allocated to one when they join the school.  Children are given house points for good behaviour and being a good role-model for others.  We appoint eight house captains from Y6 in September who lead their houses throughout the year. (More details about that below).




Our Houses are named Ellis, Reffold, Tilson and Young.  The names were selected, with help from the School Council, in July 2018.  The Houses are named after four former pupils of the school who sadly lost their lives in World War 1. This was the perfect way for us to commemorate the fallen as part of our World War 1 centenary work in 2018.    George Charles Ellis, George Reffold, Ernest Tilson and Harold Young; we will remember them.

Each house has a motto, chosen by the House captains in 2019. 

Young: Be brave, be Young!

Tilson: The sky's the limit!

Ellis: Striving to be the best!

Reffold: Live to leap!



We have a new token system for housepoints. Each house has a token of their colour. When a housepoint is awarded, the child puts their housepoint taken in the corresponding pot.  Once a week these tokens are delivered by the children  to in the library collection point where the House Captains count them up.



Every half term we run a different inter-house competition.  This helps the children build skills in a variety of areas whilst inviting them to bring out the best of their team spirit and resilience.  Inter-house competitions also give children extra chances to work with peers from different year groups within our school.

Each child and member of staff have their own house T-shirt which are worn on special house occasions, as seen below.

2020 - 2021 competitions: 

  • Responsible Poetry - Create a poem for your house's word - safe, respectful, responsible or ready.
    • Completed in school
  • The Big St James Quiz
    • Whole school event - TBC wear house T-shirts all day
  • Photographer of the Year 2021
    • Launch - TBC 
    • Deadline - TBC 
    • Results - TBC  - wear house T-shirts all day
  • The St James Bake Off 2021
    • TBC 
  • Sports Day 2021
    • TBC  

2020 - 2021 House Lunches

  • All TBC to align with guidance on Covid-19. Possibly to be relaunched in September 2021.



The PTA kindly donated the funds for us to purchase a unique flag for each house.  We use the flags when rambling on the common as a whole school, at our termly house lunches (where the children eat in their house groups rather than classes) and at Sports Day.

The house that wins the inter-house competition also gets their flag raised on our school flagpole; victory for the whole village to see!


House captains & Head Pupils

Each house has two House Captains. The House Captains are appointed in July, ready for the following year. The children apply for the role using an application form and covering letter.  We shortlist 16 children with the strongest applications and then interview them formally.  We believe this gives the children a fair chance whilst experiencing a formal interview for the first time.

From these interviews we also appoint two Head Pupils who help to guide the House Captains and assist in the running of the school, including the School Council.


Previous competitions:

  • World War 1 - 100 (artwork created to commemorate the end of WWI)
  • The Big St James Quiz (general knowledge quiz with questions from the Sports Crew) 
  • Photographer of the Year (in conjunction with the Elstead Gardening Club)
  • The St James Bake Off (two rounds of baking)
  • Sports Day (the highly contested, traditional sports day)
  • School Flag Design competition
  • Tackling Food Waste (design a solution to wasting food at St James Primary)

Other competitions have included  a swimming gala, French work promoting French speaking places and an engineering challenge to create a strong paper bridge!