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St James Primary School

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Ethos & vision for learning

Our children learn and grow in a happy, challenging, supportive and secure environment.

  • Our children enjoy a remarkably rich and varied curriculum - everyone has the opportunity to be involved in our extensive curriculum.
  • Our children have access to an impressive range of resources which support and enhance the curriculum. These include a large playing field, playgrounds, adventure play equipment; a wildlife area with pond, allotment with polytunnel, swimming pool; an excellent library and music room.
  • Our children have continuity in their relationships with staff as well as lasting friendships within their peer groups and across the school. Their confidence develops and they have an increasing sense of personal and social responsibility as they move up through the school.
  • We have an excellent reputation for identifying and meeting the needs of each and every child, from those with specific special educational needs through to giving all pupils the opportunity to challenge themselves.
  • We take pride in celebrating the achievements of all our children in our weekly Celebration Assembly and with displays in classrooms and throughout the school, as well as on our website.
  • Our children develop respect for and tolerance of others. They are encouraged to behave with kindness towards each other and we have an excellent standard of behaviour within the school. 
  • We work in partnership with parents (and grandparents), carers, the local church of St James, Pre-School and Toddler groups, and many different members of the local community. These partnerships support the development of a positive attitude towards life and enrich our children’s learning experiences.

Our vision combines five learning behaviours with five matching Christian values and underpins the life of the school.