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St James Primary School

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Penguins visit the Arctic

During our exciting whole-school Polar Explorer week, Penguins have undertaken lots of activities and experiments.  The children have explored different Arctic animals, acted out being polar explorers in our role-play area and built their own ice-breakers and snow-mobiles outside. 



The children have undertaken two fun experiments about how to stay warm in the Arctic;  firstly exploring different man-made materials and using thermometers to see how effective they were at keeping the water warm.



Our second experiment called 'blubber gloves' saw us look at how animals stay warm with their layers of fat. W e put our hands in ice-filled water and timed how long we could last; we then rubbed 'fat' over our hands and did it again to see if we could last longer - brrrr this was very cold, but LOTS of fun!  Well done to our champions Ivan, Amber E and Phoebe.