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Blogging Kestrels

Over the last few weeks, Kestrels have been learning about blogging. The children came up with a plan before using their own blogs on DB Primary to share their ponderings with the world. 

Below are some extracts from a few blogs including three voice blogs which we created using a free sound editing program called Audacity.


Tuesday 30th April

HELLO welcome to my blog day we are going to be talking about the growing problem of vultures being endangered. They are declining faster than the dodo. Check out the link below to find more.



Tuesday 23rd April

How to Train Your Dragon


Hiccup is the leader of the dragon riders and is the son of Stoik, the chief. He has the famous dragon Toothless who is a Night Fury. Hiccup is smart, friendly and a good person to know.


Astrid is Hiccup's girlfriend and the leader of the A team. Her dragon is Stormfly who is a Natter. Astrid is fierce, determined and overall good person.


Fishleggs is a person with an extraordinary knowledge of dragons who loves books. His dragon is Meatlug who is a Gronckle. Fishleggs is super smart, kind and interesting.


Snoutlout is always thinking himself better than the rest and disobeying orders. His dragon is Hookfang who is a Monserous Nightmare. Snotlout is idiotic, obsessed with himself and fairly good at fighting.

The Twins

Tuffnut owns Chichen and Ruffnut is his twin. There dragon is Barf and Belch who is a Zippleback. The twins are funny, idiotic and crazy.




Hi everyone!

Today I'll be speaking about animals! 

Firstly, I'll be speaking about my favourite ones. As you might be able to guess, (my nickname) my favourite animal is an alpaca!!! (please note: my favourites might change and so might my nickname) I also like puffins, red pandas ad giraffes.

I also wanted to speak about endangered animals. People are hunting things like elephants and rhinos just for their horns/tusks which they think are like medicine. They are actually made of the same stuff that our hair and fingernails are made of! PLEASE HELP THE ENVIRONMENT BY HELPING TO STOP POACHING IN ANY WAY YOU CAN! 

What are your favourite animals? Are they endangered? Please comment below.

You could also give your opinion on endangered animals.

Thanks for reading!




Tuesday 30th April

Hello this is Marco and today I’m going to talk about my favourite packet of Crisps. Number 1 is ...


  1. McCoys flame grilled stake  
  2. Walkers cheese and onion  
  3. Wotsits 
  4. Hula Hoops 
  5. Doritos